Shooting Star Cabernet Sauvignon Lake County 2009

Shooting Star Cabernet Sauvignon Lake County 2009 Photo


We are always on the lookout for classic varieties planted in ideal locations. Here in Lake County the red volcanic soils, ample sunshine, almost no fog, the 1500 foot plus elevation, and the cool night temperatures, all add up to a wonderful place to grow red grapes. We harvest Cabernet Sauvignon for Shooting Star from three growers: Dorn, Robin Hill and Shannon Ridge Vineyards. The Dorns have the most dramatic vineyard in Lake County. Perched on a hollow on the NW corner of the dormant volcano Mt Konocti you look down 1000 feet to the lake and see a perfect circle in Dorn Bay; an ancient cinder cone. Robin Hill's vineyard is planted on gravely, volcanic soil along with some sandy loam.  Vines are over 10 years old as they were mostly planted in the early 2000's.  Shannon Ridge Vineyards sit within the High Valley appellation on the northeast side of Clear Lake.  The elevation at Shannon Ridge is around 1400 feet.  Warm days days and cool nights allow this vineyard to achieve desired ripeness while maintaining ideal acidity.



Cabernet Sauvignon has not been the best red grape for most parts of Lake County, making vineyard site selection a crucial decision. A long season is needed to get the proper sugar development and to help reduce some of the natural herbaceous character. We always blend in a small percentage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from the Dorn Vineyard. We age this wine in American Oak barrels for 12 months.