The Steele wines start with fruit from some of California's most pedigreed vineyards. The truly superior fruit is separated off for Single Vineyard Selection wines, and the lighter lots are designated for Shooting Star. They represent classic winemaking technique applied to classic varietals.


Shooting Star

The Shooting Star wines are produced primarily using fruit from the same vineyard sources as Steele. We take the fruit that doesn't quite have the intensity for the winemaking treatment applied to the Steele wines and use it to produce lighter, more every day drinking styles of wine. We also use Shooting Star as a vehicle for some fun, lesser-known varietals such as Aligote, Barbera and Blue Franc.

Writer's Block

 A small project begun at Steele Wines in 2002 by Jed and his son Quincy Steele, Writer's Block has blossomed into an acclaimed line of nine wines. The Writer’s Block wines invite you to take a sip, relax into the bucolic, wisdom-bound realms of Dionysus and to remember Demeter by reaping the harvest of whatever inspired message you find in the effects of this adventurously fermented experience.

Steele Stymie

Our two reserve wines are named after Stymie, a famous race horse in the 1940's.