Shooting Star Black Bubbles Sparkling Syrah NV

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Shooting Star Black Bubbles Sparkling Syrah NV Photo


From an idea born in the Land Down Under we proudly unveil our newest creation, Black Bubbles.  Always on the lookout for something different, Jed Steele’s son Quincy discovered sparkling Shiraz, an Aussie tradition, while working at the D’Arenburg Winery.  Bringing home the idea of a Northern California version inspired Jed to formulate a unique Syrah blend from some of our finest contracted vineyards in Lake County.



The final Syrah blend was finished here at Steele Wines, using a mix of French and American oak barrels.  We then sent it off to a sparkling wine producer to be infused with bubbles.  It came back as effervescent, crisp and lively Black Bubbles.