Writer's Block Roussanne 2015

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Writer's Block Roussanne 2015 Photo


The Roussanne was sourced from Shannon Ridge Vineyard exclusively. The vineyard sits at 1900ft elevation and is planted on some of the steepest vineyard slopes in the county. The soils are sandy and well drained. The combination of the shorter growing season, specific soils, and small cropped vines, produce outstanding grapes. WINE STYLE &


This Roussanne shows varietal aromas and flavors of apricots, pear, some mint and green tea-leaf. The wine is fermented in 20% new Hungarian oak and aged for a minimum 8 months before bottling. Notes of herbal tea, honey and pear with hints of honeysuckle and vanilla are the aromas and flavors you find in this Roussanne. Typical of white varietals from the Rhone Valley, this wine has a viscous texture to its mouth feel. To balance this wine, we keep as much of the natural acidity of the wine alive by arresting its malolactic fermentation. 


Pairs well with shellfish such as, oysters, crab, and lobster; roast chicken or duck; Indian chicken curry and with a vast array of different soft and hard cheeses.