Steele Cabernet Franc Rosť 2016

Steele Cabernet Franc Rosť 2016 is sold out and cannot be purchased at this time.

Steele Cabernet Franc Rosť 2016 Photo


The Cabernet Franc grown to make this rosé comes from the Steele Stymie Bench Vineyard a few miles from the winery. The vineyard is one of the most well-manicured vineyards, not a cane out of place, not a weed where is doesn't belong. The cabernet franc grown here is of exceptional quality.


A forty-eight hour cold soak of the Stymie Bench VineyardCabernet Franc is how this rosé began. Beautiful pink juice is drained off by gravity and yeast is added to ferment in a separate stainless tank at a cool temperature of 50F. The result is a crisp, refreshing wine. Our Cabernet Franc rosé has strawberry, basil, and citrus zest on the nose, with flavors of watermelon, and tropical fruit; with a bright acidic finish. This is a seasonal and very limited release that sells out very quickly each vintage.


Try with a variety of dishes such as Nicoise salad, asparagus and cheese tartines, chicken street tacos, or even bbq pork ribs