Steele Pinot Blanc 2018

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Steele Pinot Blanc 2018 Photo


The Pinot Blanc grape is a colorless expression of the red Pinot Noir grape. The Pinot family have very unstable genetics and the result are the many clones of Pinot Noir, the dusky pink colored white grape called Pinot Gris and this grape the Pinot Blanc. Santa Barbara, with its maritime desert climate, provides just the right combination of characters, while preserving a crisp acidity that makes it a refreshing food wine. The grapes are sourced from Bien Nacido Vineyard outside of Santa Maria in Santa Barbara County.  The vineyard block is one of the westernmost on the property, adjacent to fields of strawberries, cauliflower, and bell peppers. This end of the vineyard is a little lower in elevation, and most exposed to both fog and coastal breezes. The fruit is harvested in late September or early October, depending on the year. Yields rarely exceed three tons per acre. The soil is sandy loam, over a layer of ancient sea bed, filled with shells and fossils.



We ferment Pinot Blanc in neutral oak barrels, so there is great weight and mouthfeel but the wine is not over oaked. The wine is then aged for just under 4 months in oak, also neutral. The wine is bottled in the early spring. The most common descriptor we hear applied to this wine is simply “yummy”.


Tasting Notes             

The fruit from this area tends to have tropical fruit aromas and flavors, as well as peach and melon characteristics and we also find the hallmark green apple character common in Pinot Blanc. The nose is aromatic with a soft and creamy mid-palate.


Food Pairing

Scallops sautéed in lemon butter with zest of citrus and lime are always a great pairing, but so versatile a wine, it can pair with just about any seafood.