Steele Stymie Merlot 2016

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Steele Stymie Merlot 2016 Photo


The grapes used to craft the Steele Stymie Merlot are grown at the Stymie Vineyard. Jed purchased this vineyard in 2005 after having sourced fruit from it since 1991. Known for quality fruit, we've named this vineyard Steele Stymie Bench Vineyard. It is located on a gravelly bench overlooking the Big Valley area of Lake County. An ideal location for growing Merlot vines.



The Stymie Vineyard typically yields a Merlot with a rich, deep red color and firm body, exhibiting aromas of chocolate, jammy fruit, tobacco and pepper. The palate reveals a rich, well-structured wine with layers of ripe red currants, anise, chocolate-covered cherries, a peppery mid-palate, and just a hint of coffee. This high-quality fruit produces an excellent, long-lasting finish and smooth tannins. It’s a perfect “special occasion” wine and pairs well with big hearty foods.



Our Stymie Merlot pairs well with wild game, Beef Wellington, strong cheeses, and rich sauces.